Poetry and Me:

I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. My family emigrated to Canada (from England) when I was a young teenager, and thinking of myself as a poet has been one of the few aspects of my identity that has remained constant for me. Thus, I suppose it is fair to say that poetry keeps me grounded and closely connected to my own authenticity.

It is through poetry that I experience and express my most authentic truths. In their transition from experience to expression, my truths are examined, analyzed, deconstructed, compared, represented and reconstructed, in the hopes that the resulting poems and their various potential meanings can help someone else to question and clarify their own personal truths.

More about me:

  • am a wife and mother to two young children, and a high school teacher
  • have three degrees from the University of Alberta (and love learning as much as teaching).
  • spent 5 years in the Canadian Forces Naval Reserve.
  • have an unusual accent, resulting from: being born and raised in England to a father who is Irish; now living in Canada and married to a Newfoundlander.