In February, 2019, I was appointed Poet Laureate of Stony Plain, Alberta, for a two-year term from 2019 to 2021. Because this is the first time the town has ever had a Poet Laureate, I wanted to recognize the commitment the Town of Stony Plain has made to the literary arts by making a commitment of my own. My goal is to write a Haiku every day for the full two years of my term.

Why Haiku? The Town of Stony Plain is twinned with the town of Shikaoi in Hokkaido, Japan. By writing haiku, a traditional Japanese poetic form, I hope to honour our twin town, Shikaoi, at the same time as I honour Stony Plain.

Below, is a selection of the haiku I have written so far. To see them daily, please follow me on Twitter or Instagram.