Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy reading some of my poems as well as sharing in some of my thoughts on poetry and writing in general. Please click on Poetry + Posts to read my blog.

About me:

I have been writing poetry for as long as I have been able to write (so probably since I was about five or six years old). When I was younger, my poems were full of forced rhymes in traditional forms. As a teenager, the angst kicked in; then, while the form improved, I’d say the content went down hill. In my twenties and beyond, I took up the study of Literature and began to appreciate what other poets had done and were doing.

I’d like to think that now my poetry has matured and that it is worth sharing with the world. At the very least, I finally feel confident in putting it out there for others to read and, hopefully, “experience” in a meaningful way.

More about me:

  • emigrated to Canada from England at the age of fifteen (Grade 10)
  • am a wife and mother to two young children
  • was a high school English teacher and college administrator; now substitute teaching to have more time with my children
  • have three degrees from the University of Alberta (and love learning as much as teaching)
  • spent 5 years in the Canadian Forces (Naval Reserve)
  • have an unusual accent that ensures people always notice I am “not from around here.” That’s the consequence of being born and raised in England, having a father who is Irish, living in Alberta, and being married to a Newfoundlander!